Deck your cake with a glaze of cyder

WIll Torrent's Mulled Cider Chocolate Cake

Fancy a slice of Chocolate and Mulled Cyder Cake?

As much as we absolutely enjoy our cyders cool and straight from the glass we are always on the lookout for exciting and delicious recipes to add them to. We’ve found this irresistible Chocolate and Mulled Cider Cake recipe by Will Torrent in an old issue of Jamie Oliver’s food magazine and simply had to share it as it’s just screaming out for a dose of our Ratter Mulled Cyder:

Serves 10

125g salted butter, plus extra for greasing
125g self-raising flour
1 tsp cinnamon
a pinch of ground cloves
a pinch of ground nutmeg
250g caster sugar
40g cocoa powder
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
125ml mulled cider
75ml whole milk
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla extract

For the mulled cider glaze:
50ml mulled cider
100g dark chocolate
grated white and dark chocolate to decorate

Preheat the oven to 180c or gas mark 4. Grease a 20cm bundt tin or large ring mould tin, then dust lightly with flour, making sure to tap out any excess. Sieve all the dry ingredients into a bowl.

Slowly melt the butter along with the cider in a saucepan over a low heat. Remove from the heat and add the milk, egg and vanilla, then carefully mix into the dry ingredients.

Spoon into your prepared tin and bake for 45-50 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean and the top of the cake bounces back when pressed. Leave to cool upside down in the tin to ensure the bottom of the cake is flat.

To make the glaze, heat the cider in a saucepan over a medium heat. Break the chocolate up into a bowl and then pour over the hot cider. Stirring from the middle outwards to make a smooth ganache. remove the cold cake from the tin and pour over the ganache. Sprinkle with white and dark chocolate shavings and serve.

You can buy our Rattler Mulled Cyder by visiting or farm shop or going to our online store.

Find out more about Will Torrent or Jamie Magazine on their websites.

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Royal visit to Cornish cyder farm marks start of apple pressing season


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today visited Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm on the most important day in its annual diary to watch the pressing of the first apple harvest of the year.

Cornwall’s largest commercial orchard based at Penhallow, near Truro, has some 3,000 trees comprising of nine different varieties of apples, from the Katy, a dessert fruit used for juices, through to the Yarlington Mill, a more traditional cider apple.

The Royal visit tool in the farm and the production facility before cutting a cake with the Healey family to mark the 30th anniversary, to the day, of the family moving into the farm in 1986.

Healeys now supplies its established brands like Rattler and Cornish Gold nationally, in large part thanks to the multi-million pound investment in their production facility.

Joe Healey, Commercial Director at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, said: “It’s wonderful to have the Royal couple here to see the traditional start of pressing and to be able to celebrate a great family milestone with them.

“We have a very short window to harvest and press the apples, so it’s a wonderful time for their Royal Highnesses to visit. Pressing time is a 24 hour operation to make sure we gather as much juice as we can from the fruit. Last year we pressed more than 1,500 tonnes of apples.”

After planting its first orchards in 1986, Healeys Cyder Farm makes a huge variety of products from the apples, from juices through to jams. Through expert blending of sweet and bittersweet varieties, they create their own uniquely tasting cider.

There is a good yield this year, which has been harvest slightly earlier due to the warm summer. Around 28 tonnes of apples can be processed every day at the family owned and run farm, with up to three tonnes pressed every hour during the harvest.

It takes about three days to press enough juice to fill a 50,000 litre tank at Healeys. When a tank is full, yeast and nutrients are added to boost fermentation before a team of master cider makers transform the matured alcohol into the award-winning Healeys range of drinks.

Sam Healey, Operations Director, said: “I love harvest and pressing time here at Healeys. The sweet smell of apples fills the farm and it is a great time of the year for people to visit us, as they can see for themselves how our cider and juices are created, and follow the journey from the apples being picked in our orchard, to cider being bottled and sold in our shop. It’s a perfect way to share our passion for creating the best products we can.”

Healeys runs regular tours of its bottling plant and orchard, as well as operating a recently expanded visitor centre where you can learn more about how some of the county’s tastiest drinks are made – and sample some for yourself at the same time.



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Healeys and Lidl partner in UK-wide Taste of the South West Week

 Healeys and Lidl partner in UK-wide Taste of the South West Week

Healeys and Lidl partner in UK-wide Taste of the South West Week

Healeys Cornish Elderflower Presse has been selected by supermarket Lidl to feature in its ‘Taste of the South West Week’ in stores across the UK from 18th August 2016.

Lidl is Britain’s fastest-growing* supermarket, while Healeys Cyder Farm has ramped up production across both its alcoholic and non-alcoholic brand portfolio following a £3.5 million investment in a new production facility.

Healeys’ emphasis on provenance impressed the promotions team at Lidl who were seeking authentic products that are high on taste for this annual in-store event.

Joe Healey, Commercial Director at Healeys Cyder Farm, said: “Our partnership with Lidl means that we’re able to reach new customers in the UK and build awareness of our range of products.

“We’re known for Rattler Cyder, but we also produce a range of soft drinks, which we add to and develop annually. Our Cornish Elderflower Presse is created using fresh elderflowers in our own spring water – perfect for summer afternoons. It contains no artificial colours or preservatives.”

Lidl’s Head of Promotional Activity, Louise Robinson, said: “We take pride in bringing authentic regional products to our customers. Lidl are perhaps more well known for doing Italian Week or Greek Week so Taste of the South West is a great opportunity for highlighting the fantastic products we have right here in the UK.

“Our customers are incredibly discerning, looking for the best products at the best prices and Healeys Elderflower Presse is perfect fit both in terms of price and quality.”

Priced at £1.99 for 750ml Healey’s Elderflower Presse will be available from 18th August in all stores in England, Wales and Scotland while stocks last.

To find out more about Healeys visit or follow @HealeysCyder.

*Source: Kantar World Panel, July 2016


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Cornish granny creates homemade dressing range

Granny Joy Healey with her new dressing range

Step aside Levi Roots – Cornish Granny Joy Healey is hoping her secret recipes will be the next big thing to tickle the taste buds of the UK’s food lovers.

Joy has for many years wowed family, friends and neighbours with her passion for dressing and jam making and she’s long wondered if her creations would cut the mustard with shoppers.

But who needs to enter BBC’s Dragon’s Den – as Reggae Reggae Sauce creator Levi Roots did – when your two grandsons, Joe and Sam Healey, run the family cyder farm and simply can’t say no to Granny.

The result is a new range of Granny Joy’s sauces, seasonings and condiments based on her secret family recipes and designed to put a bit of a bite into alfresco dining and family BBQs this summer.

The first two products, Granny Joy’s Scrumpy Mustard Dressing and a Granny Joy’s Rattler Cyder and Sweet Chillie Sauce have now been launched, with ingredients including the farm’s popular Rattler and scrumpy cyders and apple juice.

Granny Joy said: “I like to make sure that my sauces and dressings have a little bit of kick to them, keeps everyone on their toes! I’ve always been asked to make these recipes for friends and family and I thought that it would be fun to see if others like it as much as we do. Without the help of my grandsons I wouldn’t have been able to get the idea off the ground, but they know not to get on the wrong side of me, so I guess they didn’t have much of a choice!”

Grandson, Joe Healey, said: “Granny is quite a character, really mischievous, good fun and impossible to say no to. It wasn’t such a completely wild idea though as Granny’s always enjoyed making sauces, jams and dressings and her recipes have always gone down a storm at family gatherings and BBQs. So if we liked them why shouldn’t everyone else and from the point of view of the business it fits perfectly with our traditional family approach to our cyders, juice and other products.”

The first two products in the range are available in 250 ml bottles from the farm shop, and go really well as dips with cream cheese and crisps, or adding the extra zing to summer salads.

The Sweet Chilli and Rattler Sauce blends Rattler cyder with chillies and garlic, vinegar, concentrated apple juice, and sugar to take the edge off the sharpness of the other ingredients. It’s a perfect complement to chicken, pork and fish cakes or equally versatile as a marinade or dipping sauce. Vegetarians will enjoy adding a dash for a boost to halloumi skewers and warm goat’s cheese salads.

Scrumpy Mustard Dressing features a modern twist on a classic dressing with the addition of concentrated apple juice for intensity. The juice is blended with the farms own coarse grain mustard, vinegar and healthy rapeseed oil, perfect as a fresh-tasting complement to any salad.

Granny Joy’s top two salads:
1. The Cyderman’s Salad: Try this delicious and hearty meal in Mowhays Restaurant on the farm. It features Cornish classic cheeses including Yarg, Cornish Blue and Davidstow Cheddar for a filling and tasty lunch.

2. Fresh, crispy watercress, diced free range chicken, sauteed garlic mushrooms and cashew nuts, lightly tossed and drizzled with Scrumpy Mustard Dressing.

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Nick Mason joins a fleet of classic cars at Cornish cyder farm

Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason, joined some of the world’s most iconic cars at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm this week (May 4th) as part of the St Mawes Classic Car Festival.

Mason’s 1962 Ferrari GTO was one of the many classic cars that took part in this year’s festival. Over 25 of the cars were on display at the cider farm for the day, including a 1957 Ferrari 250TR, 1965 & 1966 Jaguar E Type, Aston Martin DB5 and a 1953 Frazer Nash Targa Florio.

The Cyder Farm, which has a permanent collection of its own vintage Austin Healey cars in its visitor centre, hosted the drivers and those involved in the Festival at its new event space.

Joe Healey, Commercial Director at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, said: “We were delighted to welcome these amazing cars and their owners to the farm. It was a wonderful display of colour and engineering which proved a great opportunity for visitors to see these amazing vehicles up close.”

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Healeys open new tea room with sweet and savoury scone range

Healeys sweet and savoury scones


Award-winning Healeys Cyder Farm has launched a brand new range of scone recipes to celebrate the opening of its new tea room.

With few things more British than scones and tea in the fresh air, it’s no surprise that due to the success of the Farms scones (2000 made each day) the team at Healeys have had to expand, creating a new tea room in the heart of the farms original 170 year old courtyard.

Following the conversion of one the farms old barns into the new rustic-style team room, the kitchen team has developed three delicious varieties of scones for visitors to enjoy this summer:

  • Apple scones and Healeys’ scrumpy apple & bramble jam topped off with Trewithen Dairy clotted cream. With an orchard full of tasty fresh apples, it’s fitting that an apple scone should start the trio. This delicately flavoured scone recipe is adapted with a secret twist.
  • Cheese scones with Healeys’ own scrumpy apple chutney and Trewithen Dairy crème fraiche. These tasty savoury treats are created in the farm kitchen using Davidstow cheddar from north Cornwall and baked to the Healey family recipe.
  • The Traditional Healeys scones served with local Trewithen Dairy golden clotted cream and Healey’s homemade strawberry jam – which goes before the cream, naturally. This classic family recipe is one of the best in the South West.

Those who can’t decide can go for the Scone Sharing Platter for Two – get a taste of everything and don’t miss out on a single flavour. What’s more, you can spice up your cream tea with a cheeky tipple. Round off afternoon tea with a half of Classic Reserve Cyder in the sunny courtyard as spring gives way to summer.

Kay Healey says: “Everything we create here in the farmhouse kitchen is loved by visitors because it’s an original recipe all made on site. Our authentic family recipes have been tried and tested over generations. We’re proud to use local ingredients or those we grow on the farm ourselves.”


To find out more about Healeys and our award-winning cyders, wines, spirits and preserves, by visit 

Join us on Twitter [email protected] or on Facebook via HealeysCornishCyderFarm

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Classic cars line up at Healeys

Joe Healey in the Healey Silverstone


A fleet of some of the world’s most famous classic cars will be on show to the public at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm next week (May 4th) as part of the St Mawes Classic Car Festival.

A 1957 Ferrari 250TR, 1965 & 1966 Jaguar E Type, Aston Martin DB5 and a 1953 Frazer Nash Targa Florio will make up just some of the classic vehicles on display for the public to view at the cyder farm near Truro.

Before heading to Healeys, the cars will be taking part in time trial tests organised by Truro Motor Club, at Perranporth Airfield, as part of the festival.

The Cyder Farm, which has a permanent collection of Healey cars in its visitor centre, including the Healey Silverstone, Austin Healey 3000 and the Austin Healey Sprite, all invented by the great Donald Healey, will also be amongst the line-up.

Joe Healey, Commercial Director at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, said: “Cars are naturally a big part of our family history, so we’re really looking forward to welcoming some extremely rare classics to the Farm. It’s a great opportunity for visitors to come along and see these amazing vehicles up close and talk to the owners. The collection of over twenty cars will gather in the car park, and the public are welcome to join us.

“We regularly host car meets at the Farm, including the MG Club, so it’s great to have the St Mawes Classic Car Festival as a new addition to our calendar of events.”

The cars will be on display from 2pm until late in the afternoon on Wednesday 4th May at Healeys Cyder Farm. The Farm will be open as normal on the day, and visitors are welcome to come and view the collection of vehicles, as well as enjoying a tour and visit the restaurant.

Additional infomation can be found on the clubs Facebook event page.

The line up of cars includes;

1950 Fraser Nash Le Mans Replica

1953 Ferrari 250MM

1953 Frazer Nash Targa Florio

1955 Jaguar XK140

1957 Ferrari 250TR

1959 Jaguar XK140

1960 Triumph TR3A

1962 Jaguar Lynx D-Type

1964 Aston Martin DB5

1965 Jaguar E-Type

1966 Jaguar E-Type

1966 Jaguar MK11

1969 Morgan Plus 8

1969 Aston Martin DBS

1969 DB6 Volante

1970 Lotus Elan

1974 Jaguar E-Type V12

1985 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

1998 Porsche 911 Turbo 993 Series

2012 Volkswagen Camper T2

Morgan 4+4

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Old Healeys family recipes for tasty new juices

New Juices from Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm

Award-winning Cornish drinks producer, Healeys, this week launches two delicious new additions to its soft drinks range. Apple and Strawberry Juice is based on an old family recipe, while Cloudy Lemonade draws inspiration from family summers on the farm.

Healeys is returning to its roots this year to create modern day flavours using family recipes last seen in the 1990s. Designed to appeal to young and old alike, the two bottled drinks arrive just in time for Easter, with the first juices pressed this week.

Following the installation of a £3.5million state-of-the-art production facility in 2015, up to 28 tonnes of apples are processed every day at the family farm, which also has 24-hour production to ensure it meets demand for its popular cyder and hand-crafted fruit juice.

In the 1990s, the family farm produced a range of 10 fruit juice blends, and it was the discovery of a collection of these recipes in an old file which inspired the re-release of classic Apple and Strawberry Juice using fresh juice from the farm blended with strawberries.

Cloudy Lemonade is produced using Sicilian lemons – renowned as the finest in the world – blended with fresh Cornish water from the farm’s very own borehole.

Perfect with breakfast, lunch or as a non-alcoholic drink at dinner, the Healeys range is a popular alternative for those who don’t want to sacrifice flavour when they’re not drinking alcohol. Both juices are designed to complement the existing range of juice flavours and will appeal to a diverse range of ages and palates. 

Joe Healey, Commercial Director at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, says: “We’re always looking to develop our range and we felt it was time to bring back some classics we loved as kids.

“In the 1990s we had around 10 different juice blends but as we ramped up cyder production, we halted a few of the juices to keep production streamlined. We increased our cyder production capacity in 2015, and we’re now in a position to bring back some classics. Watch this space for more.

“When we were young, there was nothing better than coming in to an ice cold lemonade after playing on the farm in the hot sun. So we decided to replicate mum’s recipe with the best lemons from Sicily blended with our own Cornish water. It’s the same with the Apple and Strawberry Juice – we could have picked any of the 10 recipes, but we knew this one would be a winner from the start and it complements the existing range perfectly.” 

Healeys runs regular tours of its bottling plant and orchard, as well as operating the recently expanded visitor centre where guests can learn more about how the popular drinks are made and sample the flavours.

The range of juices including the new Apple & Strawberry Juice and the Clouded Lemonade are now available in the farm shop or online.

Plan your next visit to Healeys Cyder Farm here

or shop online to buy your favourite juices, cyders and Healeys merchandise, delivered to anywhere in the U.K.

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Winning Cornish artist revealed in label design competition

Rachael receives a cheque from Kay Healey at the Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm visitor centre

A bite-sized view of one of Cornwall’s most iconic locations is set to grace the front of countless bottles of a new range of cider after the largest producer in the county revealed the winner of its popular art competition.

Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm launched a search to find the most stunning artistic rendition of the county’s famous landmarks recently with more than 40 local amateur artists submitting their creations.

The entries were whittled down to a top 10 with over 1200 members of the public voting for their favourite piece on the Healeys website, at the Cyder Farm’s visitor centre and also through magazine Cornwall Today.

Winner Rachael Lloyd Philips from Camborne stood out thanks to her rendition of St Michael’s Mount, West Cornwall. The piece, showing a silhouette of the famous landmark, also captures rows of brightly coloured sail boats bobbing in the waters around Mounts Bay with beach-going sightseers looking on.

Along with the prize money of £500.00, and seeing her painting on the labels of the new ‘Limited Edition’ Healeys range, Rachael’s work will be on permanent display at the Cyder Farm.

Rachael Lloyd Philips, who was a student at Falmouth College of Art and now runs her own driving school, said: “Thank you to everyone who voted for my painting, it’s quite overwhelming to have received so much support.  The response has inspired me to try to push my paintings further in the very competitive world of fine art.  I am really looking forward to seeing my work alongside some of Cornwall’s most respected professional artists on the new bottle range and you never know who might see it or what doors might open, so I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to find out. I have already been commissioned to do two paintings thanks to this competition which is a very exciting start.”

Kay Healey from Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, said: “We were so pleased with the response to the competition, there are so many talented artists out there who are so inspired by our beautiful county that they have created these amazing works of art. Each of the final 10 entries were stunning but we are pleased that Rachel has won and can’t wait to see her work of art on our bottles.”

Kay added that the quality of entries was so high that Healey’s has decided to award a £250.00 prize for 2nd place, therefore introducing an additional premium Cyder to add to the range, allowing them to showcase two paintings instead of one.

Kay added: “Winter Wave by Katherine Bruce was voted into second place.  We know it will make a perfect addition to our new Limited Edition range of cyders.” 03 Shimmering Mount~Rachel Lloyd-Phillips~Camborne

The artworks will now be immortalised on Healeys bottles, as part of a collection of limited edition works by Cornish artists. Four professional artists from the county have also created paintings especially for the new labels, which will now adorn bottles in the premium barrel-matured cyder range.

The four professional artists already selected for the project are Melanie McDonald, Glyn Macey, Richard Pearce and Paul Lewin. Each has created a painting that is close to the Healey family heart.

Kay added: “Each of these pieces of art highlight some of our favourite features of this beautiful county and we are proud to share them with cider lovers across the country.

“Glyn Macey’s Carrick Roads showcases where we do much of our sailing, Richard Pearce’s Puffin Island to Samson and St Agnes depicts the Healey’s favourite anchorage on the Isles of Scilly, Melanie McDonald’s Walking on Perran captures Perranporth beach where the younger Healeys walk with their dogs and where generations of the family have lived. And Paul Lewin’s Gurnards Head shows the spot to rest up whilst driving Healey cars on our favourite coast road.”

The winning artworks will now be made into labels for the premium cyder range and will be on sale soon.

To find out more about Healeys, which also produces a range of award winning ciders, wines, spirits and preserves, visit or follow @HealeysCyder.


Image: L-R – Rachael receives a cheque from Kay Healey at the Healeys Cyder Farm visitor centre.

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Ten Cornish artists shortlisted for national label design prize

ten finalists in the Healeys Cornish artist competition

Ten paintings created by budding Cornish artists have been shortlisted in a competition run by a leading cider producer to find the most iconic image of the county which will become the new label for its premium cider bottles.

Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm offered amateur artists the chance to see their work immortalised on newly designed bottles of its Classic range of premium ciders and 45 talented painters entered the competition, which is being run in association with Newlyn School of Art.

Inspired by the theme of ‘iconic Cornwall’, entries paid homage to the county’s beautiful beaches, proud mining heritage and well-known local landmarks.

The submitted paintings were judged by a panel led by Kay Healey, founder of Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, renowned Cornish artist Glyn Macey and Cornwall Today magazine editor Kirstie Newton. The ten shortlisted paintings will now go on display at the cyder farm’s new visitor centre near Truro until February 21st.

Visitors to Healeys Cyder Farm will be able to see the finalists and vote for their favorite painting. You can also vote online at:

The winning creation will become one of a series of specially designed labels for Healeys’ Classic Range, which is sold nationwide. The winning artist will also receive a £500 cash prize.

Kay Healey from Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm said: “We are delighted by the fantastic response we had to this competition; it is really humbling. It was a real challenge to pick ten finalists, and many of the entries really ignited debate between the judges which was great. We look forward to seeing who the public picks as the winner, but I think everyone who entered should be very proud.

“We will pick a name at random from those voting, and they will receive a case of the new Healeys’ Classic Range when it is launched, as well as a day at the farm for the family with our compliments.”

Artist and fellow judge Glyn Macey said: “The standard of work is fantastic, and it’s really interesting to see the wide variety of styles and techniques people have used. The subjects artists have selected are all really iconic and show off Cornwall to its full potential. More than anything, I think this competition highlights the wonderful breadth and depth of the creativity that we have here in Cornwall. Well done to everyone who took part.”


The winning painting will feature on the premium cider bottles alongside creations by four of Cornwall’s most established artists, including Glyn Macey, who have created special pieces for the award-winning Classic range.

The four professional artists already selected for the project are: Melanie McDonald, whose paintings of Cornwall are focused on the surfing beaches around the Newquay area where she lives; Glyn Macey, who was born in Newlyn and now lives in Penzance, and produces paintings created in acrylic, mixed media and mark-making to capture the essence of the Cornish landscape; Richard Pearce, who lives and works on the Isles of Scilly and paints dramatic pictures of the rugged shores of Cornwall, and Paul Lewin, a leading contemporary landscape painter renowned for his paintings of the Cornish coastline, who also teaches at Newlyn School of Art.

The artistic labels will have pride of place on the Healeys’ Classic Reserve bottles. Left to rest in specially selected oak barrels in the Healeys cellars, this cider is bottled after it has picked up the exceptional flavours of the barrels in which it is matured.

All five pieces of art used for the labels will also be on display at Healeys throughout 2016.


Kay added: “To have secured four distinguished artists to create work for our premium cider range is fantastic and we are so pleased to be able to offer one lucky local artist the chance to exhibit their work alongside these established names.”


To find out more about Healeys, which also produces a range of award winning ciders, wines, spirits and preserves, browse the website,  follow @HealeysCyder on Twitter or join Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm on Facebook.

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Tesco deal tops successful year for Cornish cider producer

Delivering Healeys Cornish Rattler Cyder to Tesco in South West England

Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm is toasting a hugely successful year after clinching a deal with supermarket giant Tesco.

The family-run business has launched a new bite-size version of its award winning Rattler Cyder at Tesco stores across Cornwall and Devon.

Healeys, the largest cider maker in Cornwall, will produce the new 330ml version alongside its traditional 500ml bottle as it strives to keep up with demand for its award winning brews.

The partnership with Tesco comes as Healeys looks backs on a 2015, which includes the launch of a £3.5million state of the art production facility as well as deals with other national retailers and a host of industry awards.

Joe Healey, Commercial Director of Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, said: “2015 was an absolutely fantastic year for us here at Healeys. The whole team have put so much into making it a success, from supporting the launch of the new production facility to helping to increase our production capacity by 50 per cent.

“And it is fantastic to see all that hard work paying off with even more people now able to head to their local Tesco supermarket and see our collection of award winning ciders and fruit juices on the shelves.”

Available in packs of eight, the 6% Rattler original cyder is on sale at around 40 Tesco Extra and superstores across the region with plans for it to be sold country-wide in the future.

Chris Gee, Tesco’s Customer Manager for Beers, Wines and Spirits said: “We work hard to provide shoppers with the best possible range of quality ciders, and are delighted to be able to offer them a little taste of Cornwall

“This new partnership with Healeys is a fantastic example of how by building open and honest partnerships with local suppliers, we can deliver and innovate for customers.”

For the first time in its history, Healeys were able to move to 24 hour production as more than 1,500 tonnes of apples were pressed and transformed in to bottles of cider and handcrafted juices in response to customer demand.

The boost came with the launch of the company’s £3.5million state of the art production facility earlier this year. Dramatically increasing output, the new equipment allows the Healeys team to process up to 6,000 bottles an hour, helping to improve quality and introduce its popular drinks to a wider market.

Joe added: “Rattler has been at the top of the list for cider lovers since it was first created almost 10 years ago so we wanted to offer people more choice.”

The eight packs are also available direct from the Healeys farm and visitor attraction near Truro and via the online shop by logging on to, where you can find out more about the family-run business and its range of award winning ciders, wines, spirits and preserves.

The company, established in 1986 by Kay and David Healey, has also launched a new cloudy Cornish cider for Marks and Spencer and received accolades for Rattler, Cornish Gold cyder and Cornish Apple Juice at the British Bottlers Institute national awards ceremony.

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Visitor numbers soar as Cyder Farm becomes one of Cornwall’s most popular attractions

Healeys Cyder Farm Visitors Centre

Our award winning Cornish cider farm has become one of the county’s most popular tourist destinations with over 400,000 people visiting the attraction last year.

Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm is the largest cider maker and orchard in Cornwall and famous for brewing and bottling a range of ciders, wines and fruit juices.

Guided tours, tractor rides, free cider tastings and a menagerie of animals have all helped to entice huge numbers of visitors to the family-run business near Truro over the past 12 months.

And thanks to major investments including the opening of a new visitor centre along with a new production facility, numbers are expected to continue to rise further throughout 2016.

Joe Healey, Commercial Director at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, said: “We are really pleased to have welcomed so many people to the farm this year, showing them everything from the art of cider making and barrel-loads of England’s oldest whiskey on our guided tours, to our jam making kitchen and collection of friendly farmyard animals.

“We have invested a huge amount in to making Healeys a popular and successful business and visitor attraction and can’t wait to welcome even more people this year.”

Highlights of one of Healeys busiest years to date, include the launch of a £3.5million state of the art production facility as well as deals with national retailers and a host of industry awards.

For the first time in its history, Healeys was also able to move to 24 hour production as more than 1,500 tonnes of apples were pressed and transformed in to bottles of cider and handcrafted juices in response to customer demand.


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