Visit Us

Breathe in the rich scent of maturing cyder. Wander past sleeping barrels of mellowing spirit. Stroll with peacocks through ancient courtyards. A trip to our Cyder Farm is a day out like no other.

For over 25 years, the Cyder Farm has sat at the heart of Healeys. Its fields, orchards and barns have seen our family grow up and helped us turn our cyder-making daydreams into a reality.

From the 16th century hand-turned cyder press that squished our first apples, to the grand copperpot still where our unique Classic Cyder Spirit is distilled, the Cyder Farm is part of our history and fundamental to our future.

You’re welcome to come down and see the farm in action for yourself. There’s plenty to do for free – from petting our farm animals to sampling our products and picking up souvenirs in our farm shop – or you can discover all the amazing things we do with our apples by taking a tour, or tractor trip.

We look forward to seeing you, down on the farm.