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This special edition cyder is matured in our cellars in large Jamaican Rum hogshead barrels. The rich and warming rum aromas blend perfectly with the sweet tropical fruits and nutty oak flavours of our cyder.

Our rarest and most extraordinary cyder, this Reserve edition is matured in our very own Classic Hicks and Healey Whiskey casks, and much like our Classic Whiskey the taste is unique with hints of apple and honey shining through.

This special edition cyder is matured in our cellars in single use American Oak Bourbon barrels. The distinct bourbon aromas blend perfectly with the sour fruitiness which only compliments the oak, chocolate and nutty flavours.

It was just such a cyder that won us The International Cider & Perry Competition in 2001, taking the title of Best Dry Cider and voted Supreme Overall Champion by the distinguished tasting panel.

Healey’s Classic Reserve has since won further honours:

• Best Presented Packaged Cider, Taste of the West, 2009

• Gold, Taste of the West, 2012

Healey’s Classic Reserves

£41.25 - 6 X 750ml Bottle 8.4% abv

Classic Reserve 

Only the most outstanding of our cyders are chosen to become Classic Reserve. Left to rest a while in specially selected oak barrels in our cellars, this compelling, complex cyder is brought to life. It is ‘nosed’ frequently and only bottled when it has picked up the exceptional flavours of the barrels in which it has matured. Choose either our Classic Reserve Cyder matured in specially selected Whiskey barrels or from our range of ‘Special Edition’ Reserve Cyders.

1 -2 cases
3 cases
Additional cases
Editions Price
Classic Reserve £41.25
Rum Reserve £76.50
Brandy Reserve £76.50
American Bourbon Reserve £76.50
Cornish Whiskey Reserve £110.00