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“The oak adds a hint of a great rye and fine bourbon. A cyder spirit not to be compared with spirits made from the more traditional fortified grape. This is something extra special – a spirit to be savoured and talked about for a long time. Enjoy! A dynamic and exciting new taste for a new age capturing all the values of the past but something to savour now and the future.” So said Jim Murray, a world authority on spirit blending, and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Our Classic Cyder Spirit is born in our orchards where we harvest vintage quality apples. Only our best cyders are then distilled into a clean spirit with distinct aromas.

The long and exacting distillation process starts with charging our custom-made traditional copperpot still with cyder, where it is heated to the optimum temperature, sending the vapourised alcohol through a series of tubes and tanks before it condenses back into liquid form. This liquid is sent back through the still once more until what remains is a crystal clear spirit of around 68% alcohol.

You can see all the fascinating stages of the distillation process for yourself by visiting our distillery.

Stored in our cellars in specially selected oak casks, the cyder spirit breathes while it slowly but surely mellows with age. During maturation, it is constantly monitored as it acquires its distinctive flavour and naturally takes on the colour from the wood of the casks. Every year, around 2% of the spirit is lost forever through evaporation – this is known as the ‘Angel’s Share’. Throughout this whole process, our intensively trained ‘still man’ watches over all our cyder spirit to ensure the blend, aroma, acidity and taste of the final product is unbeatable.

Classic Cyder Spirit with presentation box and glasses


“An elegant and unique cyder spirit boasting a refined and unique taste that will gently arouse the senses and then slowly explode in the mouth – be prepared for effervescent fruit, bitter sweet chocolate, an aroma of scrumpy and a lush and tangy note.” We create cyder spirit each year and now have a three-year-old, five-year, eight-year, ten-year and virgin cyder spirit available to buy.  Our Cornish Brandy’s come in a stylish presentation box with two Cornish Brandy branded glasses.

Matured Price
3 yrs £83.20
5 yrs £101.00
8 yrs £129.10
10 yrs £147.00
Virgin £150.00

Cornish Scrumpy Medium Sweet

Case - 12 x 250ml 7.4% ABV