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Rattler slide 1 hiya


In your local. On the beach. As the sun sets. Live life a little fresher with Rattler.

You ask for it, you get it. Rattler has been released from the tap; which means you can grab that sharp, crisp zing wherever and whenever you want it. Partying, socialising or chilling – if you want a bottle with bite, our award-winning Rattler range packs the punch you’re looking for.

Whether it’s the famous of bite of Rattler Original, the sweeter side of Rattler Pear, or the bottled sunshine that is Rattler Berry, there’s an ideal Rattler for every mood. Just take your pick and rattle away.

Rattling around 

Rattler’s all about making the most of every moment. So this year we’re taking Rattler on the road, heading to the best festivals, parties and gigs in search of a good time. Want to join the party? Check us out on Facebook or find out the latest news.